Shadowrun Returns

A mage, two shaman, and an adept walk into a bar...

Sunday, January 1, 2060

After receiving some free legal work, Dax decided to thank his new found lawyer friend by inviting him out for a drink at a bar featuring an up and coming new band. The lawyer showed up in his pristine Land Rover and they met in front of the club before walking past the hulking, Troll bouncer. After admiring the talent of the young Hobgoblin lead singer for “Persian Desire”, Dax introduced himself and talked shop about the Seattle music scene. Meanwhile, one of the club’s new bouncers, a tough looking human male with a few days’ growth and the odor to match, made some witty comments.

The two newest bouncers, Tom the troll and his hairy, human friend Bill took a peculiar interest in one of the solitary patrons digging into his lamb with zest, but it seemed like nothing more than the ever watchfulness of temps looking to pull in some steady Nuyen.

All seemed well as the band played through their second set, but Dax was a little miffed that they didn’t invite him up to jam a little. He was willing to help the lead singer out with a lead on a gig at Wild Buffaloes, but he missed his cue when he turned down his chance to buy the singer a post show cocktail. As the band packed up, Dax and his quiet lawyer friend made small talk about their mutual acquaintance, Crapgame.

Meanwhile, Tom and Bill were chastised for not having even a basic telecom service by the head of security, Tony. They explained how they had just come up from the California Free States and had nothing but the clothes on their back and what they stashed in the alley prior to coming to work. Tony asked them to call when they get settled (I.e. Get a phone) and they headed out with a few extra Nuyen from a night’s work to find a dry, semi-warm place to sleep. They saw the two magically active humans who had been talking with the band earlier putting on their coats just as they were leaving.

Once all four were outside walking to their respective goals, they heard the unmistakable sounds of two quick shotgun blasts and some yelling from the alley behind the club. They moved at a brisk walk to see what was going on, but chose not to use the panic button call box. Instead they reached the mouth of the alley and saw what they soon realized were several humanis policlub members harassing the band. Two of the musicians were already down and the alleyway was blocked with the bigots’ sedan. Dax moved quickly, pulling what one would think were decorative punk rock style chains from around him to reveal an Asian martial arts weapon which he used to knock out the poli club member standing watch by the car. His lawyer, who had disappeared when the fighting started showed up after the group made it down to the band. The male hobgoblin keyboardist was laying sprawled unconscious near the older, female guitarist who had taken a shotgun slug to the chest. As bad as she looked, it was nothing compared to the young female drummer who had her brains splattered against the van. The lead singer and the young, female elf bass player were shaken up but otherwise unharmed.

They explained that the poli-club members were harassing them when things turned violent. Her brother, Leopard, tried to stand up to them but got beat unconscious and then things got real bad. After watching her friends get shot, Sparrow, the singer just froze. Lioness, the elf bass player, tried to keep the thugs at bay with a knife but before you know it, they were falling unconscious for some unknown reason and then the Troll and his friends showed up.


Pucky Pucky

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