Shadowrun Returns

There's no good parking in Newcastle

January 1, 2060 -- 10:30pm

After Oddball treated Nana’s gunshot wound, she regained consciousness but was still very weak, so the band members were planning to take her to her apartment in Newcastle so she could recuperate. Dax, Oddball, Tom, and Bill started discussing what to do with the Poli-club members who were unconscious but wouldn’t stay that way for long. Afraid that the one who Dax beat unconscious with his martial art weapon was bleeding in the mouth of the alley would draw unwanted attention, the group decided to load the bodies into the sedan the poli-clubbers came in. It was a tight squeeze when Tom the troll crammed in behind the wheel, but he and Bill turned the car around and were soon following the band towards Nana’s apartment. Dax jumped into Oddball’s very swanky Land-Rover forming the tail end of the convoy.

Unable to find a secure parking lot or even a space nearby, Oddball left his ride that cost more than most people’s houses in the area on the street a few blocks away. By the time they got to the apartment, the bodies had been carried in, Nana lay on the bed recovering, and Leopard the male Hobgoblin was sprawled out on the couch unconscious. Trying to play the good hostess, Sparrow (Leopard’s sister) made some tea while she explained that she and her brother left Iran because of racial hatred. They formed their band (Persian Desire) and worked their way across the North American continent until arriving in Seattle.

While the elf bass player, who introduced herself as Ursula, helped Tom and Bill secure the unconscious Poli-club members with strips of cloth, Oddball treated Sparrow’s brother for a nasty gash on his head from the butt end of a shotgun. He didn’t regain consciousness, but Oddball assured Sparrow that he would after some well needed rest. She introduced her brother as Jahan and herself as Tamara. She was grateful for their help, but was still suffering from shock and tried to make herself busy.

Dax had stepped away from the group and called his friend, Crapgame, about a way to get rid of the sedan that Tom had “borrowed”. After a bit of grumbling for being bothered on a late Sunday night, Crapgame set up a meet Monday morning with an Ork woman who runs Big Fat Momma’s Junkyard in The Barrens.

Meanwhile, Tom was putting his magical skills to good use and probed the minds of their “detainees”. He found out more information than was useful, but he came away with the access codes to their credsticks, the meeting place of their Policlub, and a good idea of their leader – a male human with a cybernetic right arm who calls himself “The Major”.

The group debated what to do with their captives after Ursula used a frying pan to ensure a few who were stirring would remain unconscious. After some debate, Dax suggested that they turn them over to a local Go-Gang called the Coal Creek Cutters. Knowing that the Cutters had several members who were “anti-human” and where they sometimes hung out, he assumed they could leave nearby and let racial tension take its course. With that, they loaded the bodies back into the sedan and headed out. Needing to look after Nana and her brother, Sparrow decided to stay at the apartment, but Ursula was more concerned that the Poli-clubbers wouldn’t get what they deserved which was a bullet in their brain pan as far as she was concerned. (Tom had tried to impress her by picking up one of the racists and using his Deathtouch spell, but it was less dramatic than he had hoped.) Oddball was now chauffeuring TWO “less than upper class” people in his pristine Land-Rover (Dax and Ursula) while Tom and Bill drove off with a four unconscious passengers.

After a short time, it became apparent that they were being followed by another sedan. The group took a little bit to confirm it and then tried to turn the tables only to lose their quarry and then have that same sedan start following them again. They decided to head up into the hills of Southeast Bellevue when the sedan sped up and cut off Tom and Bill’s stolen car. Oddball tried stunning the driver as he got of his car, but it wasn’t enough to drop him. The stranger, who turned out to be the unusual human from the club, warned Bill specifically that he was headed straight towards “them” and he should turn around. Better yet, he should leave town. After a brief exchange riddled with mistrust and paranoia, the stranger left with an agreement that he and Bill discuss this further in the morning over breakfast.

Getting back to their original plan, the group headed toward the club that Dax suggested only to find that there were no Coal Street Cutters there. Debating where to head to next, the group argued the merits of driving down to Puyallup where a Go Gang of Orks & Trolls called Forever Tacoma ran or over to The Redmond Barrens where he knew the Red Hot Nukes called a strip of highway theirs. Finally deciding that Dwarves beat Orks & Trolls, they headed in the Barrens.


Pucky Pucky

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