Donatello Bane Esq. AKA: Brandon Corey, Oddball

Caucasian Human, male, Sorcery aspected mage

Don is an aspected mage, 5’11", 145lbs caucasian human male with brown hair and hazel eyes. He’s right handed and of rather average appearance, if somewhat geekish. He tends to be quiet and shy and rather private but polite and politic in conversations of his choice. He is sharped tongued if someone is felt to be intruding into his affairs. He can be very defensive and suspicious of others and normally keeps others at a distance.

Body: 4, Quickness: 6, Strength: 1(3), Charisma: 2, Intelligence: 6, Willpower: 6(9), Essence: 6, Magic: 6, Reaction: 6, initiative: 1d6+3d6, walk: 6, Run: 18, Combat pool: 9(10), Spell pool: 6(7),

Don: high lifestyle (1 year paid) in downtown – upper Queen Anne Hill area, and is licensed to transport and carry his ares slivergun. He has a real platium credstik: 500. Works at Dassurn Securities and Investments on legal contracts for 6000 a month with a paralegal assistant – Linda Denton.
Brandon: low lifestyle (1 year paid) in Bellevue – newcastle area, and is licensed to transport and carry his ares predator. He has a fake level:12 ebony credstik: 450

English: 5, R/W: 2,
*Legalese: 7, R/W: 3,
*Magespeak: 6, R/W: 3,

Sorcery: 5,
*Spellcasting: 7,
Pistol: 6,
Submachine gun: 6,
Stealth: 6,
Aura Reading: 3,
Car: 3,
Etiquette: 1

Law – UCAS: 6,
Economics: 6,
Magic: 6,
Paranormal creatures: 6,
Politics – UCAS: 6

Stunball: 6,
Powerbolt: 6,
Heal (exclusive and fetish): 6,
Treat: 6,
Improved Invisibility: 6,
Increase Body (fetish): 2,
Increase Strength (fetish): 2,
Increase Quickness (fetish): 2,
Increase Intelligence (fetish): 3,
Increase Willpower (fetish): 3,
Increase Reflexes +3: 1,

Flaw – Computer illiterate: -3,
Flaw – Allergy/ mild/ platinum: -2,
Flaw – Day job ( Dassurn securities ): -3,
Flaw – Compulsive organizer: -1,
Flaw – Phobia / mild / papalphobia: -2,
Edge – Quick healer: 2,
Edge – College educated/ Harvard: 1,
Edge – High pain tolerance: 4,
Edge – Astral chameleon: 2,
Edge – Focused concentration: 2,

Contact (Oddball) – Fixer (crapgame),
Contact (Oddball) – Bartender (Joel Lewis) at the Purgatory,
Buddy (Don & Oddball) – City official ( Joe “Big Joe” Walton) Seattle deputy Treasurer,
Buddy (Brandon/Oddball) – Decker (Epona Storm),
Buddy (Don) – District Attorney ( Randall Peters ),
Buddy (Don) – Seattle’s Lonestar Chief of Police ( Caroline Kelly ),
Buddy (Brandon/Oddball) – Mechanic ( Moriarty ),
Buddy (Brandon/Oddball) – Talismonger ( “Treasure” ) of Magic Treasures,
Buddy (Don) – Mage Professor ( Dr Augustus Michigan ),

Hermetic Library: 6,
Sustaining focus (R/A) +3 increase reflexes: 1,
Sustaining focus (L/A) increase strength: 2,
Sustaining focus (R/F) increase willpower: 3,
Expendable combat focus (R/H ring): 3,
Expendable combat focus (L/H ring): 3,
Expendable illusion focus (L/H ring): 3,
Expendable combat focus (R/A bracer): 6,
Expendable health focus (L/A bracer): 6,
Expendable health focus (necklace): 10,
Healing fetish (L/F)
Healing fetish (in land rover)
Increase willpower fetish ( necklace charm ),
Increase intelligence fetish (necklace charm),
Increase strength fetish (necklace charm),
Increase quickness fetish (necklace charm),
Increase body fetish (necklace charm),

Secure long coat: 4/2,
Secure clothing: 3/0,
Armanti exec. Suit: 3/1,
Full forest camo suit: 5/3,
Light security helmet: 1/2,
Black leather boots, gloves, mask, pants, and shirt: 0/2,

Ares slivergun with integral smartlink and 2 clips standard ammo and 1 clip silver (30 rounds),
Ares predator with 2 clips standard ammo,
Ingram smartgun with gas vent 4 and shock pads and 1 clip standard (50 rounds) and 1 clip APDS (50 rounds),
HK227 with 2 clips standard (63 rounds),
IR smoke grenade, 2 each,
HE offensive grenade, 4 each,
4 kilos of compound XII explosive with 2 timers,

Optical binoculars,
Ultrasound binoculars,
Concealable holster for Ares sliver gun with spare clip holder,
Concealable holster for Ares predator with spare clip holder,
Concealable holster for Ingram smartgun with spare clip holder,
Micro-comm.(level 4 encryption) with 2 frequencies, 5 each,
Bug scanner (level 10),
White noise generator (level 10),
Doc-wagon contract: gold (1 year paid) on L/A,
Pocket Secretary,
Gas mask,
Survival kit with 10 days ration bars,
Chem. Suit (level:10),
Trauma patch,
Stim patch, 2 each,
Smart glasses with thermographic and low light,
Stealth grapple line (100m) and catalyst stick,
Map chips of Seattle and surrounding areas
carrying 302 cash and a certified 100 credstik

Landrover 2046 Van ( Brandon Corey’s ), total cost: 231,300,
Manual controls, datajack port and rigger adaption,
Handling: 2/3,
Speed: 119,
Max Speed: 149,
Acceleration: 9,
Body: 4,
Armor: 10 concealed,
Signature: 3,
Autonav: 3,
Hardpoints: 1,
Seating: 2+3 reinforced folding bench seats,
Entry points: 2d+1s+1g,
Fuel cap.: 120 liters,
Economy: 6.8 km/ liter,
Cargo: 23+4 per bench if folded,
Load: 1920 kg + 150 kg per bench if folded,
Crash cage, ring mount, enviroseals – all and cabin overpressure, life support 20 man hours, amphibious ops: 1, run flat dual purpose tires (3/5), drive by wire: 1, anti-theft level: 9 with electro shock, improved engine, improved suspension: 1, off road suspension: 2, increased fuel cap.

Donatello Bane was born on Jan. 7, 2035 to parents Jonathon and Lydia Bane in the Wellesley area of Boston, an upper middle class neighborhood. A shy and bookish kid that enjoyed roleplaying games and reading hardcopy books, especially Tolken, Salvatore, Butcher, Hearne and R.R.Martin. His parents were killed in car accident on Oct. 24th, 2049 leaving their only child a ward of his grandfather, Julian Colt. Well, Julian Colt was quite the character being a retired UCAS Army Brigadier General and a hermetic mage. He worked as the head of security for a High class Penthouse complex in Marblehead and lived on site. A 13 year old Don moved in with “the General” just as his magical talent was manifesting, puberty coming on strong and dealing with the death of his parents, which had survived the crash impact but die of blood loss before medical help arrived. This caused Don to make Magical healing a primary interest and the first spell he learned was Treat. He spent 4 years with “the General” learning sorcery and mage craft, firearms use and stealth techniques. He also learned how to drive and some driving maneuvers in case of “road hazards” as “the General” put it. He graduated high school a semester early and, with the money from his parents, he attended Harvard University’s Magic, Economics and Political science programs earning Bachelors degrees then on to earn his Jurist Doctorate. He met his buddy Joe “Big Joe” Walton in the economics classes and, after graduation, it was Big Joe that talked Don into moving to Seattle. “The General” died before Don graduated from Harvard leaving numerous magical foci and fetishes, a hermetic magic library and a large sum of money. After moving to Seattle, Big Joe introduced him to D.A. Randall Peters and Lonestar police chief Caroline Kelly. He met “Treasure” of Magic Treasures while looking for some magic gear and she put him in touch with “Crapgame” to find some “special” items. Crapgame was able to help him to get a fake ID (Brandon Corey) made and help him procure a Landrover 2046 van. The bartender at the Purgatory, Joel Lewis, recommended Moriarty as a good mechanic and after spending thousands of nuyen, a very happy Moriarty took a liking to Brandon and they became buddies. “Brandon” then did some legal work for a decker called “Epona Storm” and after talking about roleplaying games and their video game counterparts, we became buddies. Neither Don nor Brandon have a favorite hang out but the Purgatory would be the closest thing to it since Brandon knows the bartender Joel Lewis. Brandon recently did some legal work for a band called “Fisting the system” and the guitarist Dax in particular. Dax has invited Brandon out for a drink and to check out a new band…this could be interesting.

Brandon Corey is a special courier, hand delivering and protecting special packages provided it fits in his Landrover. He is licensed to carry an Ares Predator which he does in a concealable shoulder holster. Brandon is a man of mystery and the shadows while looking out for the innocent.

Donatello Bane Esq. AKA: Brandon Corey, Oddball

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