Dariel Starbourne "Dax"

human looking male elf adept


Dariel Starbourne, a.k.a Dax, is a human looking male elf 22 years old with blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. He stands 6’4" and weighs a good 200 lbs, all of it solid muscle. He’s handsome and fairly well kept for a rocker living out of his van.

Body: 6, Quickness: 8, Strength: 6, Charisma: 5, Intelligence: 6, Willpower: 6, Essence: 6, Magic: 6, Reaction: 7+4, Initiative: 1d6+2d6, Walk: 8, Run: 24, Combat pool: 10,
Karma pool: 1, spent karma: 5

Squatter lifestyle: living out of my van in Bellevue- newport area
Rocker status: opener

Language skills
Sperethiel: 4, R/W: 2
English: 4, R/W: 2
*Cityspeak: 6, R/W: 3

Knowledge skills
Paranormal creatures: 6,
Magic: 6,
Musical instrument – guitar:6
Culinary arts: 3
Elven society: 3
Gang identification: 3
Musical production: 3

Active skills
Unarmed combat: 4
*Martial arts – AKBAN Ninjutsu: 6
Submachine gun: 5
*Ingram smartgun: 7
Pistols: 6
Stealth: 6
Etiquette: 5
Biotech: 1
Negotiation: 2

Adept powers: Improved reflexes 2, Pain resistance: 1 box, Improved physical att. strength: 3, Improved physical att. quickness: 1

Flaws and Edges
Flaw – compulsive fastidious appearance: -1
Flaw – allergy/ mild/ carrots: -2
Flaw – phobia/ mild/ auroras: -2
Flaw – bio-rejection:-2
Flaw – weak immune system: -1
Edge – human looking: 1
Edge – friends in high places: 2
Edge – quick healer: 2
Edge – good reputation: 2
Edge – friendly face: 1

Armor and clothing
Secure long coat: 4/2
Secure ultra-vest: 3/2
Real leather clothes: 0/2
Ordinary clothes: 0/0
Synth leather costume: 0/1
Ordinary underwear x 6 : 0/0

Browning max power, 2 clips standard rounds and 1 clip APDS
Ingram smartgun, 2 clips standard rounds +8 loose rounds
Concussion grenade x 2
IR smoke grenade x 2
HE offensive grenade x 2

Concealable holster – browning
Concealable holster – ingram
Silencer for browning
Smart glasses
Survival kit
Grooming kit
Pocket secretary
Average electric guitar (1000) and small amp (100)
funds: 305 in cash and 1700 on certified credstik
Nissan van – 200k miles, IC eng, 2 bucket seats and 1 short bench seat, full tank of gas

Club owner – Michio Kaku : japanese human male, owns the Green Buffaloes in Rosemont Beach.
Fixer – Crapgame : male dwarf, works Bellvue area

Born Dec. 19th, 2038 to Lorelei Delise Starbourne, a successful singer and dancer known as " Lori Star " prior to moving to the Tir Tairngire artist community of Manzanita. The fact that she dropped out of the limelight and went into seclusion, started going by her middle name and has never told me who my father is or anything about him except vague nonsense like " your father was a navigator on a spice freighter" has always bothered me. Growing up in a small artist community, along with my mothers love of singing and dancing, instilled an appreciation for the arts, especially music, that led to my learn guitar and taking singing lessons from my mom. When I was old enough to start school, my mother opened a dance studio and taught dance classes, but oddly never sang or talked about singing in public. Even though my mother is one of the most beautiful elven women I’ve ever seen, she never dates anyone but her devotion to raising me was without question. When I hit puberty and my magical abilities started showing up I was sent to a teacher/ sensei to learn about my magic and what I could do to harness it. My sensei, a beautiful elf woman named Amber Moon, taught me Martial arts – AKBAN Ninjutsu, which my mom, a pacifist, seemed unhappy about but didn’t stop me from continuing. As I grew in my abilities, sensei Moon taught me stealth techinques and fire arms use. I’ll be honest and say that i had a crush on sensei Moon but that much close physical contact with a beautiful female when you’re a teenage boy made it an almost foregone conclusion. I think as I grew older she actually encouraged it. When I reached high school graduation, I had earned my blackbelt and sensei Moon gifted me a Kusarigama. She was curious as to my future plans but when I told her I was unsure and was thinking about Culinary arts school, she seemed a bit surprised and disappointed and hinted that she might have a better option but nothing more was ever said. I spent six months in Culinary arts school before dropping out and starting my first real band called " Intestinal Fortitude". On Dec. 18th, 2058 my mom and a neighbor met me as I was finishing band practice. She was upset and nearly frantic when she told me I had to leave town immediately. She handed me a backpack full of clothes and a cred stik and told me to go with the neighbor to Portland before heading on to Seattle. I was stunned, all I had with me was my real leathers, my guitar, which my mom gave me for a graduation gift and my Kusarigama. She told me to see an old friend of hers, Michio Kaku, at the Green Buffaloes in Rosemont Beach and that he could help me out. When I asked “why?”, she said that " tomorrow is your 21st birthday and your father is “tired of him wasting his time and talents” and I don’t want you ensnared in all of the power, politics and corruption." I was in total shock. This was more information about my father than I had ever received before and the implications… I went quietly with the neighbor, for I was at a loss for words, and the next thing I know I’m in Seattle talking to Machio and having him help me get set up, filling in for different bands until I could start my own. It took some time but I started the band " Fisting the System " which had some success for about a year before “creative differences” broke the band up. I head into the new year, 2060, looking to start something new but just what that is remains to be seen.

Dariel Starbourne "Dax"

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